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Player:Doctor West
Race:Hanyou  Age:100~  Gender:Female

Shrine:Anmori   Shrine Type:Dark
Kami:Sakurahime Shinki:3 Fame:2


  • Mind:5
  • Tech:3
  • Body:5
  • Spirit:8

HP: 28/28

SP: 27/27

TP: 0/6

Physical Attack/Defense: 0/5

Jutsu Attack/Defense: 6/2


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 5
Brawl Body 5
Resist Body 5
Education Mind 5
Endurance Mind 1 6
Perception Mind 2 7
Movement Tech 1 4
Dexterity Tech 3
Throwing Tech 3
Stealth Tech 3
Sex Choice 8

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Youjutsu Spirit 3 11
General combat stats
Physical Hit 2d6+5
Physical Damage 2d6
Dodge 3d6+4(Discard one)
Defense 7
Youjutsu Hit 3d6+11(Discard one)
Phantom Strike Damage 2d6+10+SP spent
Jutsu Resist (vs. Youjutsu) 3d6+11(Discard one)
Jutsu Resist (vs. Other) 3d6+10(Discard one)
Jutsu Defense 3
Initiative 4


Right hand:Cold (Jutsu weapon, Jutsu Attack +1)

Left hand:Stuffed animal (Shield, Defense +1)

Armor:Hakui (Jutsu armor, Defense +1, Jutsu Defense +1)


Extra fuda x4



Current Experience:0

Experience Used:0


Yukime was, over a century ago, once an ordinary human little girl, abducted from her family's home by a Yuki-onna who replaced her with her own child. Assaulted by the Yuki-onna, the girl miraculously managed to hang onto herself enough that the youkai transformation halted halfway, leaving her in her current state as a half-Yukinko. She is physically unchanged since then, and doesn't seem to have matured much mentally either. "Yukime" is a name she was given by someone over the years, as she no longer remembers what she was called when she was human.

Pale white skin, white hair, ice blue eyes, and a slender childs figure, she usually wears only a simple white garment tied with a blue obi. She never speaks (in fact, it appears she is unable to), mostly communicating with simple sounds and gestures. She does carry a notebook, but her handwriting is messy and she can only write in hiragana. Like any yukinko, her skin is cold, but because she's half human she can endure heat to some extent. She dislikes baths, but won't melt due to them or anything. For some reason however she likes warm drinks.

Carefree and energetic, she often wanders from place to place on her own. She came to live at Anmori when she wandered in one day and simply took up residence without asking, but nobody seems inclined to drive her out for the moment.