Player:Doctor West
Character:Takimine Shuu
Race:Hanshin    Age:11  Gender:Male

Shrine:Anmori   Shrine Type:Dark
Kami:Sakurahime Shinki:3 Fame:2


  • Mind:9
  • Tech:4
  • Body:1
  • Spirit:9

HP: 22/22

SP: 36/36

TP: 0/11

Physical Attack/Defense: 0/4

Jutsu Attack/Defense: 9/3


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 1
Brawl Body 1
Resist Body 1
Education Mind 1 10
Endurance Mind 9
Perception Mind 1 10
Movement Tech 1 5
Dexterity Tech 4
Throwing Tech 4
Stealth Tech 3
Sex Choice 1 10

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Shinjutsu Spirit 3 12
Prayer Spirit 2 11
Onmyoujutsu Spirit 2 11
Kami's Power Spirit 1 10
General combat stats
Physical Hit 2d6+1
Physical Dmaage 2d6
Dodge 3d6+5(Discard one)
Defense 5
Jutsu Hit 3d6+11(Discard one)
Jutsu Damage 2d6+14
Jutsu Resist (vs Shinjutsu) 3d6+13(Discard one)
Jutsu Resist (vs other) 3d6+12(Discard one)
Jutsu Defense 5
Initiative 7


Right hand:Gohei (Jutsu weapon, Jutsu attack +2, upgraded once)

Left hand:

Armor:Priest clothes (Jutsu armor, Defense +1, Jutsu Defense +2, upgraded once)


Extra fuda x6



Current Experience:23

Experience Used:30


Sickly(1) Inherited a severely weak constitution and immune system from his mother, and is mainly able to function at all because of his kami blood.

Premature(1) Because he's a shota.


Son of the summer kami enshrined in Minamori Shrine, Natsu, and a visiting priest in training, Takimine Mikiya, and younger twin brother of Takimine Aki. Strongly resembles his sister to the point that you couldn't tell them apart if you put him in drag. However, where Aki is physically sound, Shuu has an extraordinarily weak constitution and is prone to frequent illness, fevers, and attacks of coughing. It's believed he inherited this condition from his mother, who was similarly weak when she was human many hundreds of years ago.

Honest, straightforward, responsible, and friendly. When the two of them are together, Shuu often speaks on behalf of his more quiet sister, although its a mystery how he knows what she's thinking. Due to his condition, he's not well suited towards battle and tends to focus on jutsu and deskwork.