Shizen Takeru(市繕 武) (32):
Current head priest of the Shizen shrine, a position he inherited like all previous eldest sons of his family for several hundred generations before him. He is driven by his sense of duty as such, to protect the inhabitants of Sugiyamashi.
Has an older sister, with whom he only has limited contact, as well as a wife and two daughters. With no male heir, leadership of the shrine will probably fall to one of the branch families unless traditions are changed.
The epitome of "hard but just", and rarely showing his emotions, he is to some degree a traditionalist, but has done away with some traditions (like expecting miko commit suicide) and will generally change his opinion if presented with a logical reason to do so.
Due to this, as well as affirming the (before that assumed in practice but undeclared) doctrine that while all youkai are evil by their very existence, it's neither feasible nor beneficial to kill all youkai indiscriminately, and that to do the most good with what limited power they have, tolerating or even cooperating with some youkai may be the best way, he has antagonized some of the hardliners in some of the branch families.
While he would never openly call a youkai a friend, he respects and trusts Sakurahime.
He rarely gets directly involved in battles anymore, but still is an extremely capable fighter with his katana, in addition to having some knowledge of jutsu.
Appearance: Short brown hair, face usually doesn't show emotion.