Character: Gotou Shoutarou
Race:Hanyou    Age:12  Gender:Male woot

Shrine:Anmori   Shrine Type:Dark
Kami:Sakurahime Shinki:5 Fame:3


  • Mind:7
  • Tech:5
  • Body:7
  • Spirit:3

HP: 40/40
SP: 18/18
TP: 0/10

Physical Attack/Defense: 7/3
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 0/7


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 7
Brawl Body 7
Resist Body 7
Education Mind 7
Endurance Mind 2 9
Perception Mind 2 9
Movement Tech 5
Dexterity Tech 5
Throwing Tech 5
Stealth Tech 1 6
Sex Choice 1 8

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Hand to Hand Body 5 12
Ninjutsu Tech 1 6
Support Tech 1 6
General combat stats
Physical Hit 3d6+12(Discard one)
Physical Damage 2d6+15
Dodge 3d6+14(Discard one)
Defense 4
Jutsu Hit N/A
Jutsu Damage N/A
Jutsu Resist 3d6+9(discard one)
Jutsu Defense 7
Initiative 8


Right hand:Claws (One handed weapon, Damage +3, upgraded twice)

Left hand:Claws (Shield, evade +1)

Armor:Clothing (Light armor, Defense +1, Evade+1. Upgraded once.)


Spirit Medicine x1



Current Experience: 27

Experience Used:30


Weakness (1): Phobia of nezumi natural predators such as cats and raptors etc.


Shoutarou is half human and half bakenezumi. He is 4' tall with jet blue-black spikey hair and huge almond shaped eyes that match his hair color. A really cute face with a big smile (If you're lucky enough to catch him smiling instead of terrified)
He has silver nezumimi that poke up out of his hair. Which he hides with a hoodie when going outside. His tail that matches his ears is usually concealed by wrapping around his waist under his clothing.

Backstory: Born from a consensual, romantic relationship between his human father and bake-nezumi mother. He and his twin brother Shintarou grew up as normally as possible for their heritage, until 1 year ago when their family was attacked by an exorcist miko from an Annihilationist shrine. Forced to flee for his life, he was seperated from his family and hasn't seen any of them since. Lost and frightened, he survived on his own as best he could until he stumbled into Anmori shrine, where Sakurahime took custody of him.

Mostly mute, Shoutarou is unable to communicate in any spoken language other than simply squeaking like a mouse. He can write in (somewhat messy) Japanese. Timid and easily frightened by anything up to and including his own shadow, though he's especially terrified by anything he feels is likely to eat him. He goes on missions (eventually) in spite of his fear out of a sense of indebtedness towards the shrine and Sakurahime.