Tanagi Ichirou(棚木 一郎)(35):
Head of the Tanagi branch family of Shizen and de-facto leader of the hardliner faction. He does not desire power for himself (unlike some others in the faction), but genuinely believes in the old traditions and that all youkai are born of evil and that their mere presence harms humans, even in the (to his mind mostly hypothetical) case that the youkai in question tries to avoid harming humans.
While he still considers Takeru a friend, he considers him misled and bewitched by youkai (who are intentionally trying to weaken Shizen to the point that they could take over the whole area and do what they want), and will do almost anything to try to restore the traditions (however he is deeply opposed to murdering him, and has foiled such plots before).
He had younger brother who died 17 years ago.
Appearance: Short black hair with some gray.