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Tentacles: Want Insects: Want Multiple: Want Other: I'm pretty flexible.

Player: Jemm
Character: Haru
Race: Shikigami       Age:11  Gender:female

Shrine: Anmori no Jinja    Shrine Type: Dark
Kami: Sakurahime      Shinki: 5 Fame: 3

Mind: 5
Tech: 1
Body: 9+1
Spirit: 5

HP: 51 [10 + (Body + Level) x 3 + Resist skill]
SP: 24 [(Spirit + Level) x 3 + Highest Jutsu skill]
TP: 0/8 [Mind + Level]

Physical Attack/Defense: 8/5
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 0/5

  • Quick reference guide
Physical Hit 2d6+10(-1d)
Physical Damage 2d6+10
Physical Power hit 3d6+13
Physical Power damage 2d6+13
Dodge 2d6
Defense 9
Master's bond HP/SP (3d6+7)/5(-1d)
Jutsu Hit 3d6+7(-1d)?
Onmyou Reigeki damage 3d6
Jutsu Resist 3d6+13
Jutsu Defense 5
Initiative 4
Support damage (3d6+7)/10 + 4


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 0 10
Brawl Body 0 10
Resist Body 2 12
Education Mind 0 5
Endurance Mind 0 5
Perception Mind 0 5
Movement Tech 0 1
Dexterity Tech 0 1
Throwing Tech 0 1
Stealth Tech 0 1
Sex Choice 0

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Medicine Mind 3 8
Master's Bond Mind 2 7
Onmyou Reigeki Body 1 11
Servant's Power Body 3 13

Right hand: Claw (Damage +1) (3 Kon)
Left hand: Claw (Damage +1) (3 Kon)
Armor: Barrier amulet+1 (+4 defense, -1 evade)


Kon: 12
Current Experience: 35
Experience Used: 30

Jutsu resistant (Haru is incredibly resilient against offensive jutsu. She may roll 3d6 + body + level for her jutsu resist test.)

Made to kill (Haru is aggressive and has little concern for her own safety. No skill that uses body may be used for dodging.)

■Other information/Notes
Haru is a Shikigami with an unknown origin. She formerly served under a hooded, raven-winged demon. Currently she serves a Hanshin named Shuu and is staying at the Anmori shrine. So far she has demonstrated extreme strength and aggressiveness with a complete lack of self-preservation. This suggests she was created to be a weapon of some kind. Not much more is known about her.

Haru Anmori