Character: Gotou Shintarou
Race:Hanyou    Age:12  Gender:Male

Shrine:Anmori   Shrine Type:Dark
Kami:Sakurahime Shinki:6 Fame:4


  • Mind:3
  • Tech:3
  • Body:7
  • Spirit:8

HP: 40/40
TP: 0/6

Physical Attack/Defense: 5/4
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 6/3


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 7
Brawl Body 7
Resist Body 7
Education Mind 3
Endurance Mind 1 4
Perception Mind 2 5
Movement Tech 3
Dexterity Tech 3
Throwing Tech 3
Stealth Tech 3
Sex Choice 1 9

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Youjutsu Spirit 4 12
Hand to Hand Body 4 11
General combat stats
Physical Hit 3d6+11(Discard one)
Physical Damage 2d6+10
Dodge 3d6+12(Discard one)
Defense 4
Youjutsu Hit 3d6+12(Discard one)
Youjutsu Damage 2d6+11+(SP spent)
Jutsu Resist vs Youjutsu

3d6+12(discard one)

Jutsu Resist vs Other 3d6+11(discard one)
Jutsu Defense 3
Initiative 6


Right hand:Claws (One handed weapon, Damage +1)

Left hand:Protective Charm (Jutsu weapon, Jutsu Damage +1)

Armor:Clothing (Light armor, Evade+1.)


Spirit Medicine x1



Current Experience: 0

Experience Used:30


Weakness (1): Phobia of natural predators such as cats and raptors


Shintarou's older twin brother, identical to him in appearance but bolder in temperament. The only notable way to tell them apart by looks is the color of their clothes, Shintarou's gi and hakama being deep blue where Shoutarou's are purple.

Backstory: See Shoutarou's sheet for the events up until their family was attacked by exorcists. Shintarou was seperated from his twin when they fled for their lives, running in nearly the opposite direction and winding up taking shelter in the derelict shrine of a small town. Scraping by on his own as best he could, he was unable to defend himself adequately when assaulted by a group of nekomata, but was rescued at the last minute by a team from Anmori Shrine. His parents have placed him and his brother in Sakurahime's custody where they are relatively safe until they have secured a new home.

Unlike his little brother, Shintarou can speak in coherent Japanese, although he has a stutter and tends to dissolve into squeaks when excited or scared. Although still easily frightened, he's somewhat bolder than Shoutarou is (but still terrified of predators). This boldness may be what lead him to study youjutsu as a means to protect himself and his family. He uses a protective charm his mother gave him as a focus.