Character: Miura Takeru "Ankh"
Race:Hanyou    Age:16  Gender:Male

Shrine: Independent  Shrine Type:
Kami: Shinki: Fame:


  • Mind:3
  • Tech:8
  • Body:3
  • Spirit:8

HP: 31/31
TP: 1/7

Physical Attack/Defense: 4/4
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 9/3


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 3
Brawl Body 3
Resist Body 3
Education Mind 3
Endurance Mind 1 4
Perception Mind 2 5
Movement Tech 1 9
Dexterity Tech 8
Throwing Tech 8
Stealth Tech 8
Sex Choice 1 9

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Youjutsu Spirit 5 13
Sky Phantom Tech 5 13
General combat stats
Physical Hit(Brawl) 2d6+3
Physical Damage(Brawl) 2d6+4
Physical Hit (Throwing, in flight) 3d6+13(Discard one)
Physical Damage (Throwing, in flight) 2d6+9
Dodge(Not flying) 3d6+10
Dodge(In flight) 3d6+14(Discard one)
Defense 5
Youjutsu Hit 3d6+13(Discard one)
Youjutsu Damage 2d6+17+(SP spent)
Jutsu Resist vs Youjutsu 3d6+13(discard one)
Jutsu Resist vs Other 3d6+12(discard one)
Jutsu Defense 3
Initiative 12


Right hand:

Left hand:Feather Fan (Jutsu weapon damage +3, 2 upgrades)

Armor:Clothing (Light armor, Evade+1, Defense +1, 1 upgrade.)


Spare fuda x2


Kon: 41

Current Experience:74

Experience Used:60


Weakness (1): Mackerel


A young tengu hanyou, 5'4" (162 cm) tall and skinny. He has brown eyes with somewhat long eyelashes for a man and dark blueish-black hair with a blond patch of bangs that hangs over his right eye. Typically dresses in a t-shirt and jeans with a red and black leather jacket. The feathers of his wings are red and purple, with a handful of silver feathers mixed in, and appear sprouting from each wrist in miniature form when not in use. He typically covers them with his jacket sleeves.

Third child of a tengu father and human mother, his father was attacked and killed by youkai exterminators when he was four years old. Two years later, his home was attacked by youkai and he witnessed the death of his brother and rape of his mother and sister from hiding. The latter two were carried away by the youkai afterwards, and he presumes them dead.

Left on his own to survive at a very young age, he mistrusts humans and youkai alike and has a severe identity complex, unable to think of himself as either human or tengu. He dislikes his given name, due to its perceived connection with his past as well as the coincidental similarity to Shizen Takeru. Having lived alone all his childhood, most of his knowledge comes from watching TV while taking shelter in department stores and the like, and thus there are some worrisome gaps in his education. His assumed name and a portion of his identity are, in fact, lifted from a TV character that appealed to him.

He is currently not associated with any shrine, distrusting Anmori and outright hostile towards Shizen most of the time, although he has been known to go out of his way to bother and provoke the latter.

Like many tengu, he has a peculiar aversion to mackerel, reacting with a mix of fear and nausea at the mere sight of one. His primary means of self-defense is a tengu's feather fan used to control the wind, which was left behind by his late father.

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