Player: Suzune
Character: Selene Morgenstern
Race: Hanyou (Half-Succubus) Age: 18 Gender: Female
Level: 2

Shrine: Sora's Shrine Shrine Type: Coexistencist
Kami: Sora  Shinki: 3 Fame: 2


Humanoid:OK Beast:OK Female(Futa):OK (Loli:)OK
Tentacles:WANT Insects:OK Multiple:WANT

Other: Bizarre stuff! Much like on my other sheets.

Mind: 5
Tech: 4
Body: 4+1
Spirit: 7

HP: 32
SP: 31
TP: 0/7

Physical Attack/Defense: 0/5
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 5/4

■Quick reference guide
3d6 rolls are drop lowest
Physical Hit (HtH)        3d6+7
Physical Damage (HtH)     2d6+3
Dodge (HtH)               3d6+7
Dodge (Movement)          2d6+4
Defense                   6
Jutsu Hit (Youmajutsu)    3d6+11
Jutsu Damage (Youmajutsu) 2d6+10
Jutsu Resist (Youmajutsu) 3d6+11
Jutsu Resist (vs. Others) 3d6+10
Jutsu Resist (Endurance)  3d6+6
Jutsu Defense             5
Initiative                5

Common Skills          Level   Total
Power (Body):          0       5
Brawl (Body):          0       5
Resist (Body):         1       6

Education (Mind):      0       5
Endurance (Mind):      1       6
Perception (Mind):     1       6

Movement (Tech):       0       4
Dexterity (Tech):      0       4
Throwing (Tech):       0       4
Stealth (Tech):        0       4

Sex (Choice):          0       7

Specialist Skills      Level   Total

Youmajutsu (Spirit):   4       11
Hand to Hand (Body):   2       7

Right hand: Reinforced Glove (+1 Damage)
Left hand: Magic Bracelet (+1 Jutsu Damage)
Armor: School Uniform (Jutsu Armor: Upgrade 0, +1 Defense, +1 Jutsu Defense)


Spare Fuda x6

Kon: 0
Current Experience: 2
Experience Used: 10

Merit: Charisma (+2 to tests to sway intelligent beings, +1 to the result of Cheer)
Demerit: Dark Charisma (More likely to be targeted by youkai, and likely to be ambushed at inappropriate times)


Description: Selene has long silver hair, red eyes, tanned skin, and is only of average height. If only to be silly and have fun, she actually owns a witch hat, which she wears on her head with whatever other clothes she has on (usually her uniform) when she's on missions. She also needs to wear glasses, and has a small pair of horns (hence, in part, why she likes to wear hats).

Bio: Living with a family friend in the shrine (it doesn't matter who), Selene is originally from the US. She was originally a normal human, but during a youkai attack about a year ago, she was partially corrupted by a succubus, and out of shame and fear of mistreatment, was sent to Japan where hanyou tolerance is better established, and a trusted family friend lives. She was rather upset to have to leave home, but in the year she's lived there since, she's picked up the language and gotten comfortable with living among the mikos there. It's worth noting that she's also developed a form of witchcraft from her youkai-half abilities, making her a bit - but not too - distinct from her miko companions.