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Player: marz
Character: Yamazaki Hiromi
Race: Hanshin       Age:16  Gender:female
Level: 1

Shrine: Anmori no Jinja    Shrine Type: Dark Shinto
Kami: Sakurahime      Shinki: 5 Fame: 2

Mind: 2+1
Tech: 6
Body: 5
Spirit: 7

HP: 28 [10 + (Body + Level) x 3 + Resist skill]
SP: 24 [(Spirit + Level) x 3 + Highest Jutsu skill]
TP: 0/4 [Mind + Level]

Physical Attack/Defense: 4/2
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 7/1

  • Quick reference guide
Physical Hit 3d6+7
Physical Damage 2d6+6
Dodge 3d6+7
Defense 3
Jutsu Hit(Shin) 3d6+10

Jutsu Damage(Shin)


Jutsu Hit (You) 3d6+9
Jutsu Damage (You) 3d6+9
Jutsu Resist (Shin) 3d6+10
Jutsu Defense 2
Initiative 7


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 0 5
Brawl Body 0 5
Resist Body 0 5
Education Mind 0 3
Endurance Mind 0 3
Perception Mind 0 3
Movement Tech 0 6
Dexterity Tech 0 6
Throwing Tech 0 6
Stealth Tech 0 6
Sex Spirit 0 7

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Shinjutsu Spirit 3 10
Youjutsu Spirit 1 8
Weapon Arts Tech 1 7


Steel Heart

Dark Charisma

Right hand:Kodachi (5) [damage +1]
Left hand: Talisman of Power (15) [jutsu damage +1]
Armor: Talisman of Protection (7) [defense +1, jutsu defense +1]

Extra Fuda x3

Kon: 0
Current Experience:
Experience Used: 0

■Other information/Notes

A cheerful, energetic girl with a can-do nature, no one would have imagined Hiromi was anything more than normal. She grew up in a small town in Iwate prefecture with her mother, who never spoke of her father. Though there was a small shrine near the town, few paid it any heed but the lone priest and miko who tended it.

It all changed in high school. During her second year, she was attacked by youkai in broad daylight, stripped naked and barely saved in time by the priest and miko of the nearby shrine. They'd explained it to her: she wasn't entirely human. Her father had been a kami, and now that she'd come of age, youkai were becoming attracted to her.

But the two didn't have the strength to defend her against all the youkai thatwould come for her. She'd have to go somewhere where she could learn to protectherself. So with a tearful goodbye to her mother, Hiromi was sent to Anmori no Jinja in Sugiyamashi.

Hiromi is a positive, outgoing person with optimistic views; even the worst of situations doesn't keep her down for long. She sees herself as a defender of justice, and is all too happy to go on missions and "battle the forces of darkness". She's willing to try almost anything, whether she's any good at it or not. Since the attack, Hiromi's inner ability at Shinjutsu has awakened. Though powerful, it's as of yet unrefined. She's also been training to use a short blade, but (not that she'd admit it) she's not very skilled at it yet.

As she's new in town, she doesn't yet have a school uniform, and so wears her old one, a classic sailor outfit with a white blouse and blue skirt. Despite serving as a miko, she's not fond of the outfits, preferring to wear casual clothes around the shrine. Her hair is long and brown, which she usually wears loose and parted to one side. She keeps a lock tied in a single single pigtail on the left side of her head, held in place by a lotus-shaped brooch her mother gave her. Hiromi's a little on the short side for her age, but her breasts are much larger than average.