Name: Arai Reiya
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 11"
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: yellow

Student Profile(stats)

Origin: Daughter
Physical Trait: Flat Chested
Personality: Light
Bright, cheerful, silly. Optomistic and slightly airheaded

Body 1
Speed 2
Wisdom 3
Magic 6+1

HP: 23
MP: 7+3
CP: 0+1
IV: 5
SP: 0

Chest AP: 8
Waist AP: 12
Other AP: 4

Magic and Talents
Mind Seeker[Passive] Cost: -
-A natural talent with magic has granted +1 MP and a closer connection to magic fonts.

Shield[Defense][Sorcery] Cost: 3
-A luminous shield spell that protects from attacks. This reduces damage by Reiya's magic stat (7). +2 to reduction is added with floating orb of light (9).

Barrier Sphere[Defense][Sorcery] Cost: 5
-An orb of light can completely surround Reiya to protect her from harm. This reduces damage by Reiya's magic stat (7). +2 reduction is added with floating orb of light (9).

Prismic Missile[Active][Sorcery] Cost: 3
-Gathering a concentration of light energy, Reiya can lob an arcing light ball towards a target to attack it. The spell does 2d6+magic(7) damage and is a ranged sorcery attack. +2 to damage with schoolgirl outfit/sweater (9).

'Hidden Potential'(Crisis Abilities)
Potential[Special] Cost: Choice CP
-Reiya is a talented mage, brimming with cheerfulness and optomism. Her propensity to persevere can be unlocked in a sudden burst. a number of dice equal to the chosen CP expenditure may be added to the next roll. This can also increase the damage reduction of Guarding, Avoid, and Block.

Angel's Kiss[Special] Cost: 7 CP
-An ultimate light spell, allowing Reiya to shine away even the most awful of circumstances and completely rejuvinate a person, even herself, even if other ressurection spells would fail. This spell cancels the effect of rolling on the mortal wounds table and completely recovers the targets HP and MP.

Items and Belongings
Miasma: 0/110

Name Cost Chest AP Waist AP Other AP Description
Schoolgirl outfit/Sweater + panties 20 8 6 - +2 to Sorcery attack tests. Both Reiya's favorite sweater and her school outfit are infused the light magic.
Panties with a red bow 15 - 6 - Start the session with 1 CP. This should be enough to annoy any monster, Reiya wears TWO pairs of panties!
Floating Orb of Light 10 - - - +2 to the effect of <Shield> and <Barrier Sphere>. A ball of light that floats near Reiya, amplifying her protective light spells. The ball of light can be used as a melee weapon, dealing 2d6 damage.
Red Ribbons 20 - - - Gives +1 Magic. Reiya's hair ribbons aomplify her magical power.
Barrier Sprite 20 - - 4

You cannot take damage to chest or waist AP until this armor's other AP is gone. All statuses have no effect until this armor's AP is gone. (Even Pregnant, Trauma, and Nymphomania are blocked.). Also, this armor even blocks the HP/AP-based special effects of Succubus Mail and Slit of Corruption.

This sprite nullifies harmful magic and protects Reiya with a weak barrier. The barrier can be recharged with magical powder.

Font of Magic X2 5+10 - - - +1 mp each. A close relationship with the element of light allows Reiya increased magical capacity.
Fragment of Aromatic Wood 5 - - - A small piece of insence-laden wood which helps budding magic students concentrate.
Magical Powder 5 - - - Restores 3d6 AP to one part. Powder used to power Reiya's Barrier Sprite. It can also repair clothes.

Secrets(Crisis Acts)

Quick List:

Hairless 1 0
Proof of Chastity 3 2
Anal Virgin 2 2
Secret Flower 1 0
Panty Removal 1 1
Wet Shirt 1 0
Soft Naked Body 1 0
Soiled Body 1 0
Tiny Breasts 1 0
Clumsy Action 1 1
Name CP SP Requirements Activation Description
Hairless 1 0 Can't have at the same time as <Shaving>, 20 SP or less Waist AP 0
Proof of Chastity 3 2 Virgin, Disposable HP damage
Anal Virgin 2 2 Disposable HP damage
Secret Flower 1 0 Wearing a skirt None
Panty Removal 1 1 Wearing a skirt AP damage to waist
Wet Shirt 1 0 None None
Soft Naked Skin 1 0 14 SP or less Chest AP 0, lower body AP 0
Soiled Body 1 0 None HP/AP damage
Tiny Breasts 1 0 None Chest AP 0
Clumsy Actions 1 1 14 SP or less None

Description and Information Reiya is an orphan attending the West Suji gradeschool, the sister school to West Suju High. Reiya is a gifted student who seems to be capable of wielding light based magic proficiently. Her mother was an adventurer and she never knew much about her father. Reiya was left alone after her mother became corrupted and her father turned into a monster. She goes off on adventures herself now too, using her gifts in light magic to try to help out. She sometimes hangs out at West Suji High School, as she has made a few friends there.