West Suji High: Class 9Edit

  • System: Heroine Crisis (Landlufe Chronicles + Kurakura Modern Traits)
  • GGM: Jemm + Suzune
  • Session Frequency: Undecided
  • Channels: Undecided
  • GM Policy: GMing is encouraged, but please respect the GM rules
  • Rules: Modern-day setting, so using the traits originally designed for the Japanese-side Kurakura campaign is required. Other rules undecided. (Suzune's note: Army rules might actually fit here better than in Millennial Axis...)



Suji City(?)Edit




West Suji HighEdit

Taking from the esteemed "Silver Magika" Academy, West Suji High is layed out like an academy, making it feel more like a college than a high school. There are classrooms as usual, a courtyard in the center of the building, and a few anomalies. Next to the library on the second floor is the dining plaza, a cafe-type room that holds a kitchen in the back. The dining area has tables and seats but one of the walls is actually just a railing overlooking the courtyard, making the dining area feel like a big balcony. Classrooms double as studies or research labs for after-hours. There are of course club rooms as well. The gym is located in a separate building not far away, which also contains training fields and sports fields, in addition to a swimming complex. Although unusual, the school is open even during the very late AM hours. There are actually dorms on-site as well, located in a neighboring building which is connected to the main building by a sky-pass. The high school has 4 stories, an attic, a basement, and a roof.



None yet.

Player rulesEdit

  • As with all games here, don't lose on purpose. It'll probably be easy enough to do accidentally.
  • Respect the other players and GMs.

GM rulesEdit

  • Please don't intentionally try to wipe out the players. Challenging battles are fun. Punishing players for ignoring warnings are fine too. But just arbitrarily slaughtering players is pointless.
  • If you want to create an NPC for a role mentioned in the setting, please clear it with the GGM first, please.
  • While it's fine to use NPCs made by other GMs, if you're going to change anything permanent about them (change their relationships, get them killed etc. etc.), ask the the person who created them first.
  • In the same way, don't do anything that has great impact on the setting without clearing it first. In the case of this game, that would mean greatly changing the city, school, or the world around it.

House RulesEdit

None yet!

Campaign RosterEdit


Name Player Level Race Gender Remarks
? NPC ? ? ? ?


Name Player Level Race Type Gender Remarks
Nakayama Rya Jemm 1 Human Student(Sports) Female Typical high school student. Cheerleader and prospecting adventurer.
Akami Kanako Kagome 1 Human Magical Girl Female Gloomy closet masochist magical girl.
Yoshimura Ai Suzune 1 Human Student(Culture) Female Student focused on magic study. Fellow cheerleader and adventurer.
Shizuka Yamakage marz 1 Human Martial Artist


Sociable Ninja-in-training.
Arai Reiya Jemm 1 Human Daughter Female Magically gifted young girl from the sister school.

Miscellaneous (Arcs and Similar)Edit