Utsuhara Minami (17):

A local girl and student at Sugiyamashi High, she lives in the city with her mother, her father always out of the country on business. She'd been ingnorant of the existance of youkai until recently, when she and a number of her classmates were kidnapped by a jorogumo. They was held by the spider queen for days, used as birthing machines for her young, until a group of Shizen miko rescued them.

Though the other girls chose to attempt to go back to their normal lives afterward, Minami resolved to learn how to fight the youkai to protect others. She became a Shizen miko, learning swordsmanship to battle the youkai. However, what she hadn't realized yet was that, unlike the other girls, it was no accident the jorogumo targetted her; she has a special quality that attracts youkai.

It was this quality that led another youkai to her. Legion, seeking a way to get at Tachibana Yuki, took Minami's mother captive in her own home, torturing her and telling Minami the only way he'd let her go was if she brought Yuki to him. hough the thought of betrayel devestated her, the safety of her mother won out, and she did as he asked.

Unfortunately for her, Legion refused to honor the deal. Realizing what she'd done, Minami attempted to fight Legion, but was no match for him. Yuki also fell to him. Afterwards, Legion used his powers to change Minami's body, enlarging her breasts and making them permanently lactate. The two girls were then raped before Legion handed them over to Buribumo, the Boar Lord. Their fate remains unknown.