An R-18 tabletop game by Kogitsune with contributions by Doctor West. Based on the Emuera text-only game by the same name. A simulation with roleplaying aspects where the PCs work alone or together to escape from a mysterious, tentacle-infested labyrinth they've found themselves lost in.

  • GGM: DoctorWest
  • Session planning: Mainly impromptu
  • Session channel: #TentacleLabyrinth
  • Discussion channel: #TentacleLabyrinthOOC
  • H direction: Mainly tentacles, non-consensual.
  • Warnings: The system is heavily incomplete and under test play, thus rules are likely to change frequently and a heavy dose of GM fiat may be needed.

Rules (Translation underway)

Blank Character Sheet

Characters can originate from any setting or time period their player sees fit. Use of canon characters or recycling PCs from other roleplays is fine. Players can decide for themselves the circumstances under which their character got lost in the labyrinth, but simply finding themselves there suddenly is fine. For current purposes of the test there are an indefinite number of floors.

Sessions can be run pretty much any time Doctor West isn't busy and players are up for it. Partying is fine up to a limit of 3 PCs, as long as everyone involved is on the same floor.

(01/05/13) - EVA and RES calculations have changed. All players please update your PCs at your earliest convenience.

Character Name Player Description Floor
Asuke Hana DoctorWest Affectionate runaway puppygirl. (Sample character) 1
Sophia Valimar Suzune Spunky amateur archaeologist. 1
Kanako Otsuka Kitty Completely Normal every gay kid... with magic powers. 1
Celestine Guinevere Luminous III Ashi Wanna-be heroic knight 1