Sugimoto Miyabi (26):

A tomboyish yet attractive woman, Miyabi has been at Shizen no Jinja for years. Well known amongst the caretakers of the shrine as a seasoned warrior, she's fought a countless number of youkai and come away with the scars to prove it. Her left eye was lost in a fearsome battle.

Miyabi's personality is distant. Though not cold and unapproachable, she rarely grows attached to people. She compliments success but disdains failure. Her stance on youkai is unknown: For her injuries, she has every reason to hate them. However, Sanae trusts her enough to allow her to assign missions for the younger miko. In return, Miyabi seems to trust Sanae a great deal herself, perhaps even more than Sanae's husband Takeru.

Miyabi's an attractive young woman with short, purple hair. Her right eye is a pale blue. Her left eye is gone, hidden under an eyepatch. She has a verticle scar running from forehead to cheek over said eye. She's slightly taller than the average Japanese woman. Her weapon of choice is the nodachi, which she's extremely skilled with. She's also well versed in the jutsu of prayer.