Character:Uramashi Setsuna
Race:Human    Age:17  Gender:Futa

Shrine:Shizen  Shrine Type:Annihilationist
Kami:Minorigami Shinki:6 Fame:6


  • Mind:6
  • Tech:8
  • Body:4
  • Spirit:3

HP: 34/34

SP: 21/21

TP: 1/10

Physical Attack/Defense: 10/2

Jutsu Attack/Defense: 0/6


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 4
Brawl Body 4
Resist Body 4
Education Mind 6
Endurance Mind 2 8
Perception Mind 6
Movement Tech 8
Dexterity Tech 8
Throwing Tech 8
Stealth Tech 1 9
Sex Choice 8

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Weapon Arts Tech 5 13
Ninjutsu Tech 1 9
Kiai Mind 3 9
Chamber Arts Tech 2 10
Support Tech 1 9
Shooting Tech 1 9
Quick Reference ----
Weapon Arts Hit 3d6+13
Weapon Arts Damage 2d6+22
Brawl Hit 2d6+4
Brawl Damage 2d6+10
Dodge 3d6+13
Jutsu Resist 3d6+8
Jutsu Defense 7
Defense 5
Initiative 10


Right hand:2hnd Spear (+7dmg -1int) (upgraded four times)

Left hand:

Armor: Jutsu Armor +3 def +1 jutsu (updraged twice)




Current Experience:37

Experience Used:66


Setsuna comes from a long line of demon hunters, like her mother she was taught the way of the spear by her grandmother. She has a quite reserved personality that is nothing but a poor mask as she is easily flustered and embarassed she tries to hide it by acting cool and level headed. Being fairly popular with the girls in her high school she fought to try to mantain a normal relationship seeing herself more female than anything but usually finds herself in akward positions that kept making her make excpetion and having to explorer feeling towards girls. She has been sent to Shizen for additonal training since she is no ready to work alone and should get experience working with others. Setsuna is five foot five with long black hair that reaches her ankels and mist grey blue eyes with a nice c-cup breast shapely hips.