Partners: [Tentacles:WANT] [Slime:WANT] [Bestiality:YES] [Insects:YES] [Plants:WANT] [Machines:YES] [Humanoids:YES] [Women:WANT] [Futanari:WANT] [Men:YES]
Statuses/Body: [Aphrodesiac:WANT] [Milk:YES] [Toys:WANT] [Urination:MAYBE] [Defecation:MAYBE] [(Becoming) Futanari:YES] [Eggs:WANT] [Pregnancy:YES] [Training Seals:MAYBE]
Anything else?: I also like vore-like scenarios that involve tentacle rape (like being raped by an inner chamber of some creature, being sucked into a wall and violated, etc). Furthermore, if you come up with something unusual, let me know about it because I might be interested!


Player: Suzune

Name: Saira Nejem
Age: 17
Level: 2
EXP: 52

Traits: Student (Class Rep)/Ice/Foreign-Looking

Strength: 4 Speed: 2 Wisdom: 8 Magic: 2
HP: 35/35 MP: 10 IV: 9
CP: 0 SP: 2 Corruption: 0 Fame: 1
AP: 12/12 Chest | 8/8 Waist | 4/4 Other

Magic: <Dead Point> <Thunder Enchant> <Stone Skin> <Block> <Attacker> [<Weak Point>]
Attack Configurations:
<Weak Point> 6MP/Reduces Enemy Defense by Wisdom, Opening action
<Stone Skin> 2MP/Increases defense for Block by +3 this turn, Opening action
<Thunder Enchant> 4MP/Target's attacks become lightning and deal +1d6 damage for the rest of the battle.
<Dead Point> 3MP/2d6+11 damage
<Block> 2MP/3(6 under Stone Skin) defense, Defensive Action

Crisis Abilities:
- <Potential> Any amount of CP, add +CPd6 to a test.
- <Saving Grace> 1 CP, can reroll own or enemy's tests.

5/105 Miasma
Bow (2d6+4 base damage, Shot, 2-handed) [30 Miasma]
Breast Armor (12C/8W AP) [20 Miasma]
Leg Guard (4O AP) [10 Miasma]
Crimson Amulet (+1 Wisdom, +1 Strength) [40 Miasma]

Crisis Acts: 10

<Lactate> | 2 | 1 | None | HP/AP damage while in the [Milk] or [Pregnant] conditions
<Oral Rape> | 1 | 1 | 20 sP or less | AP/HP Damage
<Proof of Chastity> | 3 | 2 | Virgin, Disposable | HP damage
<Anal Virgin> | 2 | 2 | Disposable | HP damage
<Panty Removal> | 1 | 1 | Wearing a skirt | AP damage to waist
<A Virgin's Idea of Sex> | 1 | 1 | Virginity in both holes | None
<Masturbate> | 2 | 2 | None | Use [Support] action
<Unusual Stimulation: Ears> | 1 | 1 | None | HP/AP Damage
<Lay Eggs> | 2 | 1 | None | Use [Support] action while in [Eggs] status
<Inflation> | 1 | 2 | None | HP Damage


Appearance: Middling in height with dark skin and radiant, almost-purple eyes, Saira definitely stands out from the crowd in her group, both on Earth and in Nalia. With (come on it's one of my characters) glasses to conceal her eyes only somewhat, and long black hair, Saira definitely puts on the scholarly air she more than naturally fits.

History: A transfer student from America, she's actually of Arabic-Egyptian descent. She became a Maiden mostly for an excuse to explore and catalogue the wonders of a magical world, even knowing the potential dangers she'd face.