For sake of neatness, might I suggest organizing plans by GM? I'll start it off that way.
{C They should ideally also be organized by Campaign. -K


For Sugiyamashi (Labyrinth of Dreams arc)Edit

The illusionary CapitalEdit

  • Type: Arc Expansion
  • Characters: Open, 2-4 preferred
  • Description: Strange surges of youki are picked up by other mikos, or even the PCs! The shrine(s) have looked into it and analyzed it, and have concluded that it's coming from the Labyrinth of Dreams. The PCs are told to go to the site of the last surge with one of the Dream Keys to see if they can't suss out the cause of the incident.
  • Size: Medium
  • Status: Recruiting!
    • Want to play: Hikaru(Kagarus)


All names are working titles.


School OpeningEdit

  • Type: Setting-expansion
  • Characters: Students that are known to Hikaru or could tag along with such characters
  • Description: The session will deal with the first school day after the summer vacation and introduce the school (including teachers etc.).
  • Probable size/length: Longer due to structure.
  • Status: In Progress
Player Primary Character Other characters (transfer students, CCs) Necessary CCs/Other preparations before session Notes
Suzune Tachibana Yuki Otomo Suzune None.
Ankh Miura Takeru "Ankh"

Gotou Shintarou
Gotou Shoutarou

Doctor West Shizen Momoka

Takimine Aki
Takimine Shuu

Kitty Setsuna Urameshi Yamagishi Motoko None

Actually, they don't always kill youEdit

  • Type: New Gameplay mechanism introduction (potentially) - Lifeforce Rating
  • Characters: Open, but would probably be initiated by Anmori
  • Description: Session involving a female dai-youkai that could lead to the use of the Lifeforce rating system.
  • Probable size/length: Medium
  • Status: On hold until Keiji can participate.

The issue with the leavesEdit

  • Type: New Gameplay mechanism introduction - Grappling
  • Characters: Open
  • Description: Session that will feature youkai that use grappling.
  • Probably Size/Length: Short
  • Status: Grappling system needs a finetuning/rebalancing (tentacles/frequency of grapples vs. normal combat), details.

Routine Patrol, IIEdit

  • Type: Arc
  • Characters: Anmori
  • Description: Just another routine patrol.
  • Probably Size/Length: Short-medium.
  • Status: The details need to be decided.