Player: Suzune
Character: Otomo Suzune
Race: Human   Age: 13 Gender: Female
Level: 4

Shrine: Anmori Shrine Shrine Type: Dark
Kami: Sakurahime  Shinki: 5 Fame: 3


Humanoid:OK Beast:OK Female(Futa):OK (Loli:)OK+ (I /am/ playing as one.)
Tentacles:WANT Insects:WANT Multiple:WANT

Other: Bizarre stuff! Fleshy rape chambers (or similar sexy-eating/envelopment stuff, even slime), parasitism or egg-laying, impossible penetrations if feasible (Like all the way through or the like), and other stuff like limited torture etc are okay too, just ask~

Mind: 9
Tech: 3+1
Body: 3
Spirit: 5

HP: 31
SP: 33
TP: 0/13

Physical Attack/Defense: 2/4
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 8/3

■Quick reference guide
3d6 rolls are drop lowest

Physical Hit (Throwing) 3d6+6
Physical Damage 2d6+5
Dodge 3d6+6
Defense 6
Jutsu Hit (Onmyoujutsu) 3d6+6
Jutsu Hit (Mind Arts) 3d6+14
Jutsu Damage (Onmyoujutsu) 2d6+12
Jutsu Damage (Mind Arts) 2d6+16
Jutsu Resist (Mind Arts) 3d6+14
Jutsu Resist (Mind Arts v. Other) 3d6+13
Jutsu Resist (Endurance) 3d6+10
Jutsu Defense 5
Initiative 8


Common Skills Stat Level Total
Power Body 0 3
Brawl Body 0 3
Resist Body 0 3
Education Mind 1 10
Endurance Mind 1 10
Perception Mind 1 10
Movement Tech 2 6
Dexterity Tech 0 4
Throwing Tech 2 6
Stealth Tech 0 4
Sex Choice 0 9

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Onmyoujutsu Spirit 1 6
Mind Arts Mind 5 14
Medicine Mind 1 10
Cheer Mind 1 10
Kiai Mind 1 10

Right hand: Light Metal Boomerang [Throwing Weapon, +1 Damage]
Left hand: Bracelet [Jutsu Weapon, Upgrade 2, +3 Jutsu Attack Damage]
Armor: Miko Outfit [Upgrade 2, +2 Defense, +2 Jutsu Defense]


Kon: 14
Current Experience: 54
Experience Used: 67


Normally, a girl like Suzune wouldn't be working at the shrine as intensely as she is. But, even so, she had at least taken it up as something to do afterschool, because she felt... an indescribable affinity to the supernatural elements that cavorted freely in the Anmori Shrine. Chances are, it was her preternatural talent with Mind Arts, making her comfortable there even a few years back. Not to mention, that the shrine was a good place to learn such mystical abilities, and helped give her a sense of belonging that made her keep going there time and again, until she simply moved in - with a father busy working elsewhere in Japan and a mother gone due to divorce, it was ultimately a better arrangement. It's a, perhaps, hard life at times, but the girl is utterly brilliant, so she can hold her own just fine, pretty sure.

Looks-wise, Suzune has a gentle figure, not quite fragile and delicate, but obviously belonging to someone more used to reading and sitting about than lots of exercise. For her age, she's at least mildly developed - no giant breasts of doom here, but a modest amount that can truly be called "Not flat"... though that's about all you could say. Even so, her face still looks cute and smallish, which goes well enough with the glasses she has to wear over her green eyes. Finally, her hair is a mid-tone brown, goes down to about chest length, and she tends to keep it in a simple ponytail that lets it still fan out a great deal.