Name: Mihoshi Kitori

Race: Catgirl Age: 16

Eye color: blue

Hair Color: black

Cat ears and tail color: black


Cloths: Mihoshi weres tight light short that stop right at the top of her thigh. A dark blue tank top with white flowers that leaves her midriff partically exposed. Black boots that go up to her knee and and two black leather bracelets.

body 7(70) mind 4(40) soul 4(40)

HP 55 EP 40

ACV 5(8 with Swords) DCV 5(8 with Swords)

Shock 11

Melee Attack(swords) 3 (9)

Melee Defense(swords) 3 (9)

Multiple Targets 1 (2) Extra Action 1 (15)

Deflection 1 (2) Reflection 1 (2)

Peircing Strike 1 (7) Portable armory 1 (2)

Two Weapons 1 (2)

Features (Beutiful) 1 (1)

Features (Eidetic memory) 1 (1)

(Nemises 2)


Acrobatics(Balance) 3/10 (9 points) (Body)

Animal training(Tiger) 2/6 (4 points) (Soul)

Climbing(Natural surfaces) 3/10 (9 points) (Body)

Controlled Breathing(Calm) 3/10 (3 points) (Body)

Power lifting(Bulky objects) 3/10 (6 Points) (Body)

Riding(Tiger) 2/9 (4 points) (Body)

Visual arts(Painting) 3/10 (3 points) (Body)

Wilderness survival(Forest) 2/9 (9 points) (Body)

Wilderness tracking(Forest) 3/7 (9 Points) (Soul)


2 Longswords

Leather Armor Charm

Light pendant

20 shells

Adventures Package


Mihoshi lived in a small village of only fifty people and the surrounding farmlands. She grew up without a father but the rest of her family was so loving she never felt the loss of never having a parent one of her parents. Her family did not always live here though her Grandfather had moved here one day and the village happily accepted him, he a kind gentleman but he never told anyone about his past. Mihoshi grew up a hard worker and learned sword fighting from her grandpa just like her mother had. She helped all the citizen of her hometown feeling like everyone there was part of a huge family and form this she has picked up many different skills. She was taut to hunt and track by the people of her small village being so close to the woods. One of her Grandfathers friends even taught her how to tame some of the local wildlife. One day while searching through some of her grandfathers old thing’s she dug up an old journal that told of wild fantastic adventures of a weapon master that could only be her grandfather. Wanting to have such fun adventures of her own and meeting companions and life long friends like her Grandfather had she decided to go adventuring and announced it to her mom. Surprisingly it came with little resistance, her mother also had gone adventuring around her age and it seemed like it was quickly becoming a tradition in the family. Forced to make a promise she would come back safely and armed with her sword her Grandfather had made her she set out to Aencipe hearing that it was the best place around for a novice adventure to start.