The Millennial AxisEdit

  • System: Heroine Crisis (Landlufe Chronicles)
  • GGM: Suzune
  • Session Frequency: Undecided
  • Channels: Undecided
  • GM Policy: GMing is encouraged, but please respect the GM rules
  • Rules: Presently only using Landlufe rules, so please ignore Dark Maiden and Army rules for the time being.


On a far-off island, there exists a normally-sleepy town called Dalamar. It's large enough to count as a city, but for much of history, it remains quiet, undisturbed. However. Every one thousand years, a great tower appears in the Great Basin, a large bowl-like valley northeast of Dalamar. This tower extends to unknown heights in the heavens, and unknown depths into the earth. A poetically-minded historian claimed that it stood like an axis around which the world turned, and between that and the fact that, even if someone or something made it vanish, it re-appeared on the turn of the new millennium, it was thus called the Millennial Axis. From the Axis spills forth Miasma, an unnatural energy that produces magical power, but corrupts living beings, bringing out their darkest lust. Only Maidens, girls who by chance have special resistance to the Miasma, can explore the Axis. They have fought every millennium against the lustful demons that come from its halls, and have reported the impossible wonders that exist on the tower's floors both above and below the earth, which defy reason and even physical distance. And there is a rumor that there is some great secret in its depths, beyond merely mystical treasures born of Miasma, that has something to do with its millennial cycle...





The AxisEdit

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Player rulesEdit

  • As with all games here, don't lose on purpose. It'll probably be easy enough to do accidentally.
  • Respect the other players and GMs.

GM rulesEdit

  • Please don't intentionally try to wipe out the players. Challenging battles are fun. Punishing players for ignoring warnings are fine too. But just arbitrarily slaughtering players is pointless.
  • If you want to create an NPC for a role mentioned in the setting, please clear it with the GGM first, please.
  • While it's fine to use NPCs made by other GMs, if you're going to change anything permanent about them (change their relationships, get them killed etc. etc.), ask the the person who created them first.
  • In the same way, don't do anything that has great impact on the setting without clearing it first. In the case of this game, that would mean doing something that changes the face of [insert town name here], or would severely alter the Millennial Axis or its compositiion.

House RulesEdit

None yet!

Campaign RosterEdit


Name Player Level Race Gender Remarks
? NPC ? ? ? ?


Name Player Level Race Gender Remarks
Lysena Talongard marz 2 human female Outgoing Knight
Arcana Pyran marz 1 human female Fire Mage
Amielle Barona marz 1 human female Warrior Princess
Kisara Martel Ashi 1 human female No-nonsense Ice Mage
Harmony Kagome 1 Angel female Angel in training helping humans
Fiona Kagome 1 Demon futa Slutty demon futa trying to overcome her insticts.
Alice Takeba Kagome 1 Human female Serious Nobel

Miscellaneous (Arcs and Similar)Edit