I should usually (excluding tuesdays) be able to play on early morning GMT (0300+) when planned in advance, although I'll have to leave during the week at varying times, as well as late afternoon/evening (1700+ or 1800+) (excluding mondays)and noon wednesday.

Suzune (General Availability)Edit

I can run/play at night EST, not on saturdays or thursdays though. Eventually, friday will be off too. Otherwise WIDE OPEN.

Further note: If someone wants to have me run in the day, ask beforehand.

Suzune - Specific GamesEdit

Game: at "marztime" (read: Whenever the everloving hell marz shows up) on thursday Jan. 10.

Kitty (General Availability)Edit

I can usually play any time between monday and friday so long as I get a notice in advance, just need to know a day or two at the least just so I don't overlap my schedule. Saturdays are right out to busy that day and Sunday are ok every so often.