Name: Bertha Vioux
Race: Human
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Height: 175cm
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Orange


Level 1
XP: 32/50 XP

Origin: Gambler (+1/+1/+1/0) [Critical Hit]
Physical Trait: Voluptuous, Wide Hips (+2/0/0/+1)
Personality Trait: Self-assertive and slightly Masculine (+2/+1/+1/0)

Body: 5
Speed: 3 +1 (4)
Wisdom: 3 +1 (4)
Magic: 1

HP: 35/35
MP: 5/5
CP: 0
IV: 8
SP: 7 +1 Corruption

Chest AP: 12
Waist AP: 12
Other AP: 0

Monster Seals:

  • Tentacled Mass

Magic and TalentsEdit

Basic Spells
Spell Name Usage Test-type MP Range Target Effect
[Critical Hit] Passive None - No Self If you roll two or more sixes on your attack roll, increase the success rate by +3 for each six.
[Night Edge] Active Melee 3 No Single Conduct a Melee attack with +Body damage.
[Bloody Mist] Defense None 4* No Self *Up to 3 HP may be expended in place of MP.
Reduce damage by your Body, Speed, or Magic.Black magic that deflects attacks with a literal mist of blood.
[Spark Edge] Support Melee, Shot 2 No Self Add +Speed to a Melee or Shot attack used in the same turn.
The maximum bonus is +6. Treat this attack as Lightning elemental.
Cannot be used with a Speed based Active spell.
[Corrupt] Passive None - No Self Gain 15 Miasma.
Add +1 to your Corruption and maximum Corruption. (Max Corruption: 11)

Crisis AbilitiesEdit

Crisis Abilities
CA Name Usage Test-type CP Range Target Effect
[Potential] Special Choice Choice No Self

May be used in conjunction with other CA and Spells.
Expend any amount of CP and add (CP spent)d6 to the next roll.
As a special case, one can also increase the damage reduction of [Guard], [Avoid], and [Block].

A CA that brings out your latent power in the face of danger.

[Judgement] Active Choice 4 Yes Single

Deal (Level+10)d6 damage to the target.
This attack is treated as pure damage, ignoring the target's defense.

A CA responding to sincere prayers by delivering divine punishment on your foe.

Items and BelongingsEdit

Miasma: 0/115


Weapon Name Cost Range Test-type Damage Special Effects
Kuromikazuchi (Lance) 40 No Melee 2d6+6 Two-handed weapon.

Armour and Accessories
Armour Name Cost Chest AP Waist AP Other AP Special Effects
Pretty Dress 10 8 6 - Though it has little magical power, its still a decent-looking dress.
Exposed Thighs 5 - +2 - +1 to SP/CP gains from <Secret Flower>, <Panty Removal>, <No Panties>, and <Accustomed to Foreign Objects>.
Slit of Corruption 5 +4 +4 - If damage dice roll a six, then one takes HP damage instead of AP damage.

Name Cost Effect
Forbidden Tome 5 You can learn Dark Magic. You may only buy this item at character creation. Once equipped, you can't remove this item. (The only time you can is when you've become part of an evil army.)
Crimson Amulet 40 Choose two stats. They are now +1. This affects derived stats like HP, MP, and IV as well. You may only possess one "Amulet" item at a time.
Leather Choker 5 At session start, +1 SP and gain 1 CP.

Tools and ModificationsEdit

Name Cost Effect
1-penny Coin 5 Only once, you can use a defensive Passive magic even though your opponent used <Crush>, <Bypassing Attack>, or <Corruption Attack>. +2 to that Defensive magic's effect. (You can use this for the defense bonus even if your opponent isn't using <Crush> or similar.)

Crisis ActsEdit

Bertha's Crisis Acts
Name CP SP Prerequisite Combat Use
<Oral Rape> 1 1 SP ≦20 AP/HP Damage
<Swallowing the Warmth> 1 1 SP ≦27 AP/HP Damage
<Warm Honeypot> 1 1 SP ≦23 HP Damage
<Cum Injection> 2 1 None HP Damage
 Make a judgement of difficulty 10 with any ability score. On failure, gain the [Pregnant] status.
<Attractive Curves> 1 0 None Waist AP Damage
<Anal Rape> 1 1 SP ≦20 HP Damage
<Secret Flower> 1 0 Must be wearing a Skirt None
<Panty Removal> 1 1 Must be wearing a Skirt Waist AP Damage
<Soft Naked Skin> 1 0 SP ≦14 Chest/Waist AP Damage
<Soiled Body> 1 0 None AP/HP Damage