Name: Alena Valmenti
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Eye Color: Violet
Hair: Waist-length, blue-ish purple, straight
Height: 5'6"

Body - 3 (30 points)
Mind - 7 (70 points)
Soul - 5 (50 points)
Attack combat value - 5
Defense combat value - 5
damage multiplier - 5
HP: 40/40
EP: 60/60
SV: 8

Talents and Natural ability (21 points, 1 free)

Ranged Attack: Magic lv3 (9 points)
Ranged Defense lv3 (9 points)
Feature: Beautiful (2 points)
Feature: Famous (1 point)

Spells (30 points)
Minor Healing Spirit (1 point)
Irritant Spirit (1 point)
Minor Guardian Spirit (1 point)
Spirit Strike (7 points)
Halting Light (1 point)
Heal Target (15 points)
Sunleth Regeneration (4 points)


Administration Level 2, [Government]
Cultural Arts Level 3, [Nobility]
Ettiquette Level 2, [Upper Class]
Foreign Culture, [Valmentia]
Medcal Level 3, [Emergency Response]
Occult Level 3, [Channelling, Rituals, Spirits]
Performing Arts Level 2, [Musical Instrument]
Poisons Level 2, [Natural]
Riding Level 2, [Horse]
Social Sciences Level 1, [Politics]
Languages Level 3 [Human, Hybrid, Elvan, Dwarven, Orc, Lizard, Old Cipen]


Nemesis Level 2 (Younger Sister, Pyla)


Shells: 75

Basic Adventuring Gear

Studded Leather Charm: 6 armor | 165 shells
Catalyst Bracelet: +25 EP (spells only) | 250 shells
Spirit Water: 20 EP | 50 shells

1 Fame


Not far from Aencipe lies the queendom of Valmentia, a land of mountains and valleys, well known for their iron mines, but also their talented magicians. The royal family in particular is said to have a strong magic bloodline. Only the females in the line are able to inherit the throne; the males usually enter the sorcerous branch of the military or are used in political marriages, though the three children of the present king and queen are all female, the princesses Eoria, Alena and Pyla.

In order to claim the throne, the heiress must prove herself worthy by going on a journey and accomplishing great deeds. The journey also served a second purpose: to find a suitable husband (though failure here merely meant one would be chosen for her upon her return). Being the eldest, Eoria left the night after her coming of age ceremony, her 18th birthday. However, she never returned nor sent any word.

After a two years passed, the king and queen had no choice but to presume the worst had happened. Eoria was removed from the line of succession (even if she returned, she would never be queen until after her sisters deaths). Though young Pyla covetted the throne, tradition dictated that it be passed to the eldest. And so, the middle sister, Alena, suddenly found herself as heiress apparent.

Though she'd never expected to find herself in the position of heiress apparent, Alena knew it was her duty perform as best she could. She began training for her journey in earnest. When her 18th birthday came, she set off as her sister had three years before, heading for Aencipe to register at the Adventurer's guild.